Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

Medical Equipment Modernization Opportunity (MEMO) is poised to ship a 40’ ocean container of Hurricane relief supplies to Cuba for rebuilding the Irma ravished northern shore.

They have half a container full already, but need Thunder Bay’s help to fill the remainder of the container. Needed are any kind of construction materials and tools: Shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, hand tools, nails and screws of any sizes in reasonable quantities, electrical wire and fixtures etc.

Cuba has lots of human resources in people, so doesn’t need people help. They have absolutely no reserve of physical resources so a disaster like this takes years to repair as people wait for construction material and tools to become available.

MEMO works through the Cuban Council of Churches to insure that donations go where they are most needed and are not sold or used for personal profit. MEMO has no highly paid executive directors like many aid organizations, and has no paid employees, being run entirely by volunteers so every dollar you give goes directly for aid.

It costs $11,000 CDN to ship a container. Donations can be made online.

Donations of supplies can be dropped off at MEMO’s warehouse 258 Van Horne St.  Mon, Wed, Friday mornings from 9 til 12noon.

For more information contact Jerome Harvey @ 807 627 6360


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