2018 MEMO Fundraiser Successful!

2018 MEMO Fundraiser Successful!

This year’s fundraising supper was a success! We heard heart warming reports from Martha Delgato about MEMO’s impact in El Salvador and from Dr Abel Santana on how MEMO is helping the Children’s Hospital of Matanzas in Cuba.

The 200 people in attendance donated $16,000 after expenses. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make an enjoyable, smooth profitable evening. Without you MEMO would not exist.

Our Guests Dr Abel Santana and Dr Marisel Garcia had a great (but cool) visit to Thunder Bay (see pics below). They toured Ottawa, Niagara Falls, and Toronto with Jo Fiorito and her husband
and will be returning to Cuba October 11th.

We are now awaiting Cuban Government permission to ship a container to Cuba that will be distributed by the Los Pinos Neuvos church denomination. Pray permission will come soon before it gets too cold!

Our thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo and Martha and our brothers and sisters in Metapan as they mourn the loss of a Christian nurse who was brutally murdered on her way home from work at the Metapan hospital a few days ago. Evil exists and only the love of Jesus can overcome it. That is why MEMO exists.

Thanks for your support

Visiting the Van Horne warehouse:Left to Right: Dr Marisel Garcia,Jerome Harvey,Martha Delgato,Lori Owen,Dr Abel Santana, Eduardo Pulin.
At the MEMO ostomy supply workshop in Lori Owen’s basement.
Dr Santana delivering his talk on the blessing MEMO has been to his hospital
Part of the 200 attending the fundraiser


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