2017 in Review and Cuba Update

2017 in Review and Cuba Update

Hello Supporters
As I think of all the volunteers that have given of their precious time and energy to help others through MEMO this last year I am amazed. In a society in which the majority of people spend all their time seeking only their own advancement, comfort, and pleasure, our volunteers and supporters are very special.

As disciples of Jesus you are being a good example of showing God’s love to the hungry, sick, naked and hopeless. As we send agricultural tools so people can grow food (the hungry), medical supplies (the sick), bags and bags of clothing (the naked),
and through all this we open doors for the people we work with in far away places to tell them that Jesus is alive and will give them hope for now and eternity.

For those of you in other parts of Canada we are thankful for your financial support and encouragement by remembering us in your prayers. There is so much competition for donations (support) by so many very good humanitarian organizations it makes us appreciate all the more those of you who are so faithful in supporting MEMO. Thank you.

For the record, and to remind you all of what we’ve done in 2017, here are some pics from this past year…

February 25 container to El Salvador
May 25th container to Cuba – “There must be another 3 crutches just like these somewhere to match!!”
June 29 Container to El Salvador
July 26, 20 pallets to Zimbabwe
Aug 26th, container to El Salvador
August 29th move from LPH warehouse to Arnone Trailers
Oct 21 Container to Nicaragua.
October 28th: MEMO Fundraising Breakfast a resounding success.


December 11th a container went from North Bay to Cuba under MEMO’s auspices. (This took 3 years from inception to shipping)

We thank God for all He has done to enable us to accomplish this.

One last note: We have just heard from Cuba that EMED, the government Agency in Cuba that issues import permission for containers, has just “Disintegrated” (using the Spanish word). We are told that the government is forming a new agency and when that is formed we will receive import permission to ship containers. EFCCM Latin America director Steve Neufeld will be in Havana at the end of January and will look into it personally. Keep praying please.
In the meantime, we have 2 containers of Hurricane relief supplies taking up a lot of space.

May you experience Peace, Joy, Comfort when needed, and Success in all you do this next year 2018.

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