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Over the years MEMO has shipped wheelchairs to needy countries including Cuba and Zimbabwe.

Here are a few pictures and videos of them actually being used in Zimbabwe including one little boy waiting to get his. This happens due


MEMO’s purpose has been to show the love of God to the Zimbabwean and Cuban people through the provision of redundant hospital equipment and supplies to needy health care facilities to Cuba and El Salvador. Since 2004, MEMO has shipped 89 containers to Cuba,El Salvador, Liberia, Nicaragua and Zimbabwe, totalling millions of dollars in equipment and saving countless lives along the way.

MEMO is currently (2020) sending containers to Zimbabwe to support the Zimbabwe Gecko Society currently working with nationals caring for 3000 Aids orphans, 4 hospitals and 6 clinics.

MEMO is pleased to state that there is no paid staff and is completely run by volunteers so that every dollar donated goes entirely to support the work.

Check out the site to learn more about the work of MEMO in Cuba and El Salvador and consider donating to this efficient, effective, and exciting ministry today!


Did you know?

In the last 15 years we have saved 85 40′ ocean containers FULL of waste products from hospitals and medical organizations across Canada from ending up in landfills. Your donations not only help make peoples’ lives better but they also help make the environment better!